About Forex Dynamics

What we do

Forex-Dynamics provides a complete trading system, various software tools that vastly improve the outcomes for most traders and trading education complete with manuals, videos and seminars.

We are not marketers but traders with a complete trading system that provides consistently excellent results so you will not be constantly bombarded with “The latest and greatest must have new system” every month.

To be effective and produce consistent results a trading system must provide:

  • Specific entry, stop and profit targets
  • A clear analytical process that can be applied consistently and does not change after the fact
  • The process must work with all traded instruments and on all timeframes.

Many traders are trying to work with multiple systems; a method for this a method for that, Indicators for these conditions and something else if that is not right. The result… confusion and losses.

If you can’t be consistent in your actions you cannot expect consistent results.

Because our Pinpoint system provides consistency on all the points mentioned above, even new traders quickly learn to apply it successfully to their preferred currency, instrument and timeframe.


A little info on the people behind Forex-Dynamics

Rb2First introduced to making money on currency fluctuation in the early 80s when working with a private bank in Zurich, Raoul Boielle has been involved in the investment and finance arena for many years.   When he began trading personally he was fortunate to have a very successful trader as a mentor.  His mentor was relaxed, thorough, and consistently banked more than $1,000,000 a year but his methodology was very complex to learn and involved considerable analysis prior to taking a trade.

Over the last five years Raoul has converted these methodologies into a suite of proprietary indicators that pinpoint high probability trading opportunities with concise entry points, stops and profit targets.

Often quoting the cartoon character Pogo who declared “We have met the enemy and they are us.”  Raoul also found that the greatest hurdle to becoming a consistently successful trader was human emotion. This awareness, a lifetime friendship with an extremely talented programmer and hundreds of hours of programming, testing and refinement eventually produced Trade-Runner. Trade-Runner is a simple to use but very sophisticated trade manager that with one click takes and manages every aspect of your trades, freeing you from complex calculation, hours of screen time and the damaging emotional decisions that destroy so many traders accounts.


Chris-sSydney based   Chris Ball has been involved in sales and marketing for three decades. During this period Chris has enjoyed working with people, team building and achieving goals.  Chris has been an active currency trader for the last five years.

“Forex trading has opened up a whole new and satisfying income stream for me.  Since using Pinpoint and the automated trade manager trading to win in now easier and much less stressful, it has freed up my time even more”

The possibility of making money from the comfort of your own home, without having to be in front of anyone is attractive. Time freedom is achieved through leveraged income.

By offering our software and training to others, we believe many people will improve their current circumstances and lifestyle.

My income is no longer tied to the hours I work


A Frequently asked question
Why are we making our system and tools available?

Firstly I am sure you understand, the market is huge so our little (but very nice) piece of the pie is like a speck of sand on the beach.

The second reason showed up when friends and family wanting to enjoy the same success.
When you start teaching others you not only have the satisfaction of giving them the ability to enjoy financial freedom, but in the process of teaching, you take your own trading to whole new level.

Lastly (yes of course) commercial reasons.  We both love to teach and that often takes us away from good trading time, so it is great to be paid for something you love to do and for a product that has taken your heart, soul and knowledge as well as a great deal of time and money to create.