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You will receive your licence key and download password within 24 hours of registration.   Please ensure that the installation instructions are followed correctly.

Please watch the download videos.  Installation and setup
IMPORTANT:  It is critical that you install the license key before installing Trade-Runner and the Toolbox.  Failure to do so will lock you out of the system.  

Please click on the program you are registered for to download the video tutorials.
Pinpoint, Trade-Runner, Info-Panel and Trade-Monitor Tutorials

Electronic Trading Journal and Trade Analysis
Recommended product Free and Paid editions
Forex Control Center 

Video Player
A good media player is essential to get the most of the training material.
If you have any problems with watching the videos, Below is a link to an excellent versatile (and Free) one.
VLC Media Player
It will play just about anything, it holds a clear picture when paused and
is also easy to fast forward to where you left off.