The ease and advantages of being able to take and manage your trades right on your charts are massive.

Money management risk reward and stop calculations all done for you, no more order window, and no more staying glued to your charts to manage your trades. Trade-Runner will take your trading to a whole new level of accuracy and convenience.

Below are a list of the main features, however watching the video of Trade-Runner in action will show you what it can do for you.

  • Set you trading preferences once: System wide or by currency pair
  • One click order entry (all types)
  • Automatic money management based on your preferences
  • Automatic (volatility based) or manually placed stops 
  • Trailing Stops (an infinite range of options)
  • Automatic profit protection (AP)
  • Single or multiple profit targets 
  • Set and forget automatic trade management
  • Automatically adapts to market conditions
  • Manages multiple trades simultaneously
  • Crash proof (It will pick up a trade on restart if MT4 or your computer crashes.