We are traders, we build software that makes money and protects profit for our clients and ourselves.  No fancy new product every month, just occasional refinements of an already exceptional system.

Designed for Metatrader PinPoint alerts you to high probability trades providing you with specific entry and profit targets.  The early trade setup alert, unique trade finder software and automated checklist make this easy to learn and simple to execute.

Trade-Runner is an automated trading assistant with one click order entries, built in money management and everything that is needed to manage your trades for you. The system protects you account and profits from entry through managed stops and multiple profit targets.

           Extremely effective for scalpers, swing traders and long term position traders alike.

 Together Pin-Point & Trade-Runner Provide the Following:

Pin-Point:  A set of indicators that filter out the “noise” and provide early detection of activity that will move the market. They do not require any configuration.

1. They are colour coded and simple to follow giving you market direction and specific entry levels.

2. Based on dynamic algorithms they work exceptionally well on all traded instruments, all time frames and, importantly, under all market conditions.  

3. The conjunction of all of the indicators are designed to minimize risk and pin point very high probability trading opportunities.

4. Quickly identifying choppy markets and risky conditions they will also keep you out of the market at the times when most retail traders destroy their accounts.

5. The associated “Info Panel” provides an array of useful information to maximize your profits and also assists you in quickly identifying the best pairs to consider.

Trade-Runner:  When the heat is on, Trade-Runner carries out the rational decisions you made when you were not in the market. A mixture of Albert Einstein and Speedy Gonzales   

1. Extremely effective for scalpers, swing traders and long term position traders alike 

2. Complete with a series of training videos and live support this makes trading simple, profitable and easy to learn.


Training & Education
The program is completed with Trade-Runner Toolbox, a library of training videos,l trading tools and resources.

Purchase includes:

Forex Software and Training Videos
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime system updates
  • Access to all training material.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Trading room access.
  • General webinars.
  • Continuity insurance (see below).







Continuity Insurance
As long as you are actively using PinPoint and or Trade-Runner and are up to date with your subscriptions you will have access to the latest edition of these programs and their future development.

Yours For Life:  We have and will continue to maintain a licence free current copy of all software.  In the (unlikely) event that the principals of Forex-Dynamics discontinue the business or the business ceases for any reason all current users of the system will be provided with an unencumbered license free copy of the systems with internalized data feed.

Footnote  If you are looking for a complex system that you have to be a mathematician to understand or want to spend hours analyzing charts, drawing lines and discovering patterns to predict the future, thats is not us but ask me and I can refer you.  If however you are primarily interested in generating a great income then we would like to welcome you to work with us and our growing group of traders as we harvest the markets by cruising in the wake of the market makers.