Trading Post

 Welcome to the Forex Trading Post

The galleries contain random trades that were either taken by one of our traders or just examples
showing the entry that was Pinpointed by our system and the exit that would have been taken
when Trade-Runner managed the trade.

We hope you can profit from the examples.

Please send us some of your most interesting trades, good bad or ugly, along with a commentary.
On the good; claim bragging rights.
On the bad or ugly; please provide some analysis showing where errors were made and what was learned.

Most of the posts are and will be screen shots and can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail of the chart.
There are a number of posts on each log listed on the click-able list on the right.

If this is your first time to this area please watch the below video which shows a typical trades setup and some of the factors that we use to determine entries exits and targets.