Trade Log 1.


A great ride for those that don’t mind the big stops. With a 160 pip stop and a 600pip target it looke good right from the start with the trade extending a further 175 pips before a trip into the hyperzone warned of the coming retrace.

NZDUSD 15 Minute

The NZD was not sheepish about giving up some nice pips in the last few days. Comfortable small stops and nice long runs producing all three profit targets in both cases.

Forex Trading Chart and Monitor showing some profitable tradesNZDJPY 15 Minute.

Grant wisely taking some quick profit at a stopping point and leaving 25% to run.


Blinded by an Opinion.

This embarrassing mistake was made by thinking that the market was going to repeat the action of the previous day and totally disregarding what was clearly shown on the chart.


 Cool thinking ensured a quick recovery.

Greg did not let one failed trade (Stop too small) get in the way of taking the next available opportunity.


A Party on the 5 Minute Charts.

Grant busily testing his prowess on the 5 minute charts.  Good results but no place for a faint heart.