Trade Log 2.

Dynamic Support & Resistance (DSR)

This EURAUD trade and what followed highlights several interesting factors to watch for:
1. The Squeeze: When the distance between the DSR lines contracts it is very frequently followed by significant break out.

2. Road Blocks: Before entering a trade it is important to know that the potential profit target(s) dictated by your stops are reachable. While we never really know how far a trade is likely to go, looking back in time for previous stopping points (look left) will give you a good indication. Looking at higher time-frames and shrinking your charts and looking at past DSR levels will help you in establishing the potential roadblocks.
3. The Retest:  Very often when we see a large move that has resulted in a break of a previous support or resistance level, price will come back and retest the level broken before moving on. Again the DSR is helpful in establishing this and helping you to identify the likely limits of a move. 

USDCHF in good form.      

Greg takes a nice clean trade on the Swissey.
58 pips banked and on its way to TP3.    

 GBPUSD  Now that was a great entry.

(Perfect) Practice makes perfect. Brooke nailed it with this spot-on entry.

Waiting for the market to meet your termsPatience Prevents Pain
It is always a nice feeling when a trade opens and you are instantly in profit. For me, this is usually the result of patience, waiting for the market to meet all criteria, and placing a stop entry. In this trade the setup began approximately 2 hours before all the parameters were met. No I didn’t sit glued to the chart, I set an alert, took another small trade, read a trading book and activated the entry when the alert rang.  A relaxing evening and a tad over 1% return on capital.

 A rather shaky start.
The entry on this trade was a little risky with the market going sideways. Most of the indicators were lined up and the longer term trend was up. However both the long and short term moving averages were pretty flat and running right through price so it took quite a while for the trade to mature.  Fortunately TP1 taken while I slept and TP2 and the balance were closed manually for breakfast.

A nice gold trade Some Gold Nuggets
Shantanu going for gold here with this nice trade on the 15 minute XAUUSD.
The PinPoint indicators work on all time frames and all instruments available on Metatrader.