Trade Log 3

Classic Forex TradeAUDJPY The early bird gets the worm
It is so nice when the days work is over by 10am. I don’t normally look at the charts until later in the day but the setup was perfect so I am pleased I gave in to temptation.

Multiple Forex trades on the Trade monitor

Safety In Numbers
Grant reckons our Trade Monitor a great way of managing multiple trades.
From my point of view, there is nothing more satisfying that seeing our students kicking ass in the Forex markets, going from novice to master in just a few months.

Patient Re-entry Trade from Dharmesh
This is a good example of waiting until all conditions are met producing a nice profitable trade.

Shantanu Leading Me Astray
While I designed Pinpoint and Trade-Runner to work with all highly traded instruments I was rather devoted to Forex.  However seeing Shantanu’s consistent success with the XAUUSD enticed me to follow the Yellow Brick Road. The first screenshot is Shantanu’s the second is mine, not such a good entry as Shantanu but I made up for it with a second trade at the London open.

A nice leisurely trade on the AUDJPY
Monday Monday
I like Mondays.  The market often takes its cue from Friday, the London boys are still sleeping off their hangovers from Saturday night and the New York cowboys are all sitting down to a nice cigar after a strenuous weekend of Golf.   With no bullies in the market it often tends to cruise peacefully along in the direction set on the Friday.  Pips? 34, 68 & 54.